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Welcome to our Electronics ESD Anti-Static Collection at UK Workbenches LTD. This collection is engineered specifically for professionals in the electronics industry, providing ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe workstations to protect sensitive electronic components from static discharge. In an environment where even a small static shock can cause significant damage, our ESD Anti-Static workbenches are a vital asset. Each workbench in this collection is designed to meet industry standards, offering the utmost protection against ESD, thereby ensuring the reliability and longevity of your electronic components. Invest in our ESD Anti-Static workbenches to uphold the integrity and enhance the efficiency of your electronic workspace.
Original price £476.00 - Original price £702.00
Original price
£476.00 - £702.00
£476.00 - £702.00
Current price £476.00 ex VAT

Medium Duty Anti-Static (ESD) Workbench with Laminate Top

Medium Duty: Perfectly balanced for medium-duty tasks, offering reliable support without compromising on ease of use. Anti-Static (ESD): Specifi...

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