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manage workflows better

Manage workflows better by avoiding these common mistakes

Inefficient processes can pose a serious risk to manufacturing businesses, so it is vital to have robust systems in place to manage workflows effectively. In this article, we uncover the common mistakes that might be holding you back.

Improving productivity is crucial to the growth of the UK economy, and the manufacturing sector has a big part to play in making Britain more competitive. According to the latest data, UK manufacturers stepped up productivity by a whopping £48.5 billion in 2023 - an 8.6% increase on 2022. Multi-billion-pound improvements in automotive and food production helped UK manufacturing output to reach £615bn last year. The final quarter of 2023 proved to be a strong period as manufacturers produced goods worth £155bn, £3.5bn more than the same period in 2022.

Common workflow mistakes

While there is no silver bullet to improving productivity, continuous small steps can lead to a big transformation in output. To help drive efficiencies in your business, here is a list of common mistakes in manufacturing processes that can negatively impact profitability. 

  • Poor quality control: it is estimated that manufacturers lose up to 20% of revenue due to quality problems. Without structured and monitored processes, quality standards can drop leading to more defects, higher costs and reputational damage.
  • Use of resources: inefficient workflows can lead to under or over-using your assets. While one part of your process is struggling to cope, other machines and people might be sat idle.
  • Lack of flexibility: it can be difficult to respond to changes in demand and market conditions if your processes are too rigid. Manage workflows better by focusing on agility to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Bottlenecks: identify areas causing delays in your production line. Embrace automation and other new technology to speed up repetitive tasks, reducing the burden on overstretched staff.

How to manage workflows better

While every manufacturing business is different, there are common themes that can help to manage workflows more effectively. Here are three strategies you should consider adopting to transform your manufacturing process:

  • Standardisation: avoid confusion and inconsistency by ensuring your teams follow common procedures. This will also minimise mistakes and improve productivity.
  • Training: poorly trained employees will not understand best practice, slowing up processes. Regular training will raise skill levels and company standards.
  • Communication: every business requires a culture of openness so information is shared quickly. Management meetings, team huddles and brainstorming sessions can improve the way every department operates.

Invest in physical assets

When you manage workflows correctly, you can identify areas of improvement. Here at UK Workbenches, we can take your workspace to the next level with our range of high-quality workbenches and trolleys.

Working across a range of manufacturing sectors, we have seen first-hand how the best businesses know how to manage workflows. That's why we have designed our workbenches to provide businesses with the capability of working smarter and more efficiently.

For example, our bespoke benches and work tables are built to withstand the toughest of tasks. Whether you're working with heavy machinery or delicate electronic equipment, our construction methods mean your workspace remains stable and secure at all times.

From integrated lighting to adjustable feet, our benches can be designed to improve comfort and streamline processes for workers. Our products are more than just pieces of furniture, they are the tools you need to tackle every project and process with confidence.

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