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Enhance your workspace functionality with our range of Workbench Accessories. These add-ons offer additional flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to tailor your workbench to your specific needs.

Our accessories are designed to complement our workbenches, expanding their utility and increasing your productivity. Choose from a variety of storage solutions, tool holders, and more to create a workspace that's truly yours.

Explore the collection today and maximize your workbench's potential with our top-quality accessories.


  • Original price £90.00 - Original price £170.00
    Original price
    £90.00 - £170.00
    £90.00 - £170.00
    Current price £90.00

    Mechanics Bench Vice

    This is Vice: a set of steel vices designed for working with different sizes of materials. Its adjustable screw and dual clamping system allows sec...

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  • Original price £55.00 - Original price £55.00
    Original price
    £55.00 - £55.00
    Current price £55.00

    Workbench Lighting

    This industrial workbench lighting is designed to provide bright, even lighting from a tube light source. Creating a comfortable environment, it is...

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